Weather forecast for Thursday 05 August 2021

Weather forecast for Thursday 05 August 2021

Rabat – Here is the weather forecast for the day of Thursday, August 05, 2021, established by the General Directorate of Meteorology:

– Fairly hot weather in the South-East and the interior plains.

– Dense low clouds and foggy formations in places on the North and Center coasts.

– Stable weather and largely sunny elsewhere.

– Local sand-hunting in the South-East, the South of the Oriental and the interior of the South provinces.

– Moderate to locally fairly strong wind from the northern sector over the South and the Center coasts, moderate from the southwest over the South-East and weak to moderate from the northern sector elsewhere.

– Minimum temperatures of around 22/27 ° C in the South-East, 11/17 ° C on the reliefs and 16/22 ° C elsewhere.

– Maximum temperatures of around 38/44 ° C in the South-East and East of the southern provinces, 35/40 ° C in the Oriental, the Saiss, the Phosphates and Oulmès plateaus and the interior plains, 30/36 ° C on the Atlantic plains and reliefs and 23/30 ° C near the coasts.

– Sea beautiful to little choppy on the Mediterranean, little choppy on the Strait and choppy between El Jorf and Tarfaya, becoming locally choppy to strong in the morning between Cap Sim and Cap Ghir and little to choppy elsewhere.

Last modification: 05 Aug 2021

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