Coronavirus: Personalities are indignant after the announcement of the measures decided by the government

The new measures to fight against the spread of the coronavirus decided by the Moroccan government caused a lot of reaction among Internet users, in particular several public figures and media figures. The opinions are decided but several denounce poorly managed communication and unjustified or illogical measures and denounce the lack of responsibility of citizens.

While Morocco is currently experiencing a significant increase in new coronavirus infections, so that on Wednesday the bar of 10,000 daily cases was exceeded, the Moroccan authorities in coordination with the scientific committee in charge of monitoring the evolution of the disease. epidemic, have decided to re-impose a series of measures aimed at stemming the spread of the virus.

Among the measures, the return to the curfew at 9 p.m., the ban on movement to and from the cities of Casablanca, Marrakech and Agadir, the closure of restaurants and cafes at 9 p.m., the complete closure of hammams, sports halls and indoor swimming pools, the ban on ceremonies, weddings and parties, a capacity of 50% in transport and public places …

These measures come at a time when some hospitals are experiencing a very large influx of serious cases, especially in intensive care where beds are starting to run out. Health personnel, mobilized since the start of the health crisis, are also cornered, and continue to serve day and night in the face of skyrocketing infections.

However, several Moroccans have denounced the measures taken by the authorities, some seeing them as restrictions that lack logic, others who denounce their too rapid application, and finally others are simply unhappy at not being able to spend their holidays and organize parties as they planned.

Faced with the wave of criticism on social networks, several personalities reacted by providing new information or by approaching the subject through new perspectives. While most agree that restrictive measures are necessary at this precise moment, criticisms and questions have also been raised.

Among them is a reaction from Rachid Allali, the television host, who wondered what the logic followed by the authorities to put in place these measures especially. “It’s not my habit to make videos, but I have questions,” he began by saying about the decisions that have been taken by the government.

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“How do we tell you that there is a traffic ban between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m., cafes must close at 9 p.m., as if Delta was going out at 9:05 p.m., how you say that mosques and sports halls must be closed and after you see political party meetings (the elections are due in September, editor’s note), supermarkets are crowded, and beaches full, or shopping malls are also full. Explain me because I didn’t understand, ”he said in a video posted on his Instagram account.

And also to try to understand why the authorities have prohibited inter-city movements except for people with a vaccination certificate. “While yourselves (the authorities, editor’s note), you told us that even the vaccinated can carry the virus,” he said indignantly.

“This is a quick message to the head of government, to the interior minister, to the health minister. Please, try to take a look at the Instagram stories, and you will see that these preventive measures decided by the authorities and which we are all supposed to respect, are not applied by all ”, launched his alongside the journalist and radio host Ridouane Erramdani on his Instagram account in a similar video.

“There are those who still organize weddings, others who have parties, events with music, dance etc. And these people who do not respect other Moroccans, who party and who organize parties, we say shame on you, it is not done ”, he remarked in his message.

“The authorities must not distinguish or discriminate between one party and another. The decisions must apply to everyone, ”he said in his message to the authorities, recalling that the Marrakech hotel, which was recently closed for non-compliance with the planned sanitary rules, is not the only one. which violated the measures decided by the government.

“It is not acceptable that a single hotel in Marrakech is punished and severely sanctioned while other hotels in the city of Marrakech (are in the same condition), you know what is going on inside “, He added, calling on the two ministers as well as the head of government” not to pretend not to have seen anything “.

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For his part, journalist Samid Ghailane got angry in a video against influencers “who tell people what they want to hear”, including criticizing the government. “The error is shared, by officials and citizens,” he argued.

“Because you citizens are not from Saturn, we are all the same. If those in charge have made communication errors, sometimes make estimation errors, we too, as citizens, make mistakes, neglect, recklessness and disbelief, ”he said in direction of its subscribers, when a rain of criticism fell on the government.

“We are not going to the emergency room to see how the situation is, we are not going to see the plight of doctors, nurses and health executives, we are not going to see that there are missing beds. in several hospitals and that people seek treatment but cannot find a place, that oxygen is lacking in certain places, that the reported cases are much lower than the reality of the situation because not all cases are taken into account account, some do rapid tests, others seek treatment at home… ”.

In truth, the situation is very complicated, he said. “Yes, there is a communication problem, and that problem needs to be fixed. We need a face to speak to us “, and to follow on the non-application of the measures decided on for public transport, hotels, cafes, markets …” but there is also a problem among citizens who are do not care to the point (of the epidemiological situation), who do not wear a mask, who do not observe social distancing ”.

“I don’t count the times I walk into a cafe and I find groups of 5, 6 people who are just laughing and having fun. So you, you have the right to laugh and others are dying … to be clear, this is not a war between officials and citizens, it is a war that must be waged together against covid, ”he concluded, calling for responsibility.

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