PJD: a former commune president throws in the towel

The PJDiste Imane Sabir, former president of the Communal Council of the city of Mohammedia, announced that she had resigned from the Lamp party. The reasons for her decision are inherent “to the internal situation” in which the Islamist party is struggling, according to her.

This active member of the PJD explained in her resignation letter, addressed to the regional secretariat of El Othmani’s party, and of which Le Site info holds a copy, that her resignation was motivated by the organizational situation of the party and what is going on in behind the scenes of it.

“Consequently, and according to my conviction of the importance of the political responsibility which is mine, as well as my refusal of any pressure, any hindrance and any discrimination, I made the decision not to accept to participate in the dysfunctions that contribute to the non-adherence of young people to politics, ”emphasized Imane Sabir in his correspondence.

This resignation, according to observers from the political scene in Morocco, also follows the appointment of Saâeddine El Othmani, SG of the PJD, as head of the local party list in the constituency of Rabat-Océan, the capital of Kingdom.

Larbi Alaoui

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