The Speech from the Throne, a call to look to the future with courage and foresight

On the evening of Saturday, July 31, King Mohammed VI gave a historic speech to the nation on the 22nd anniversary of his accession to the Throne of his ancestors.

The sovereign thus wished initially to renew his thanks to all the actors of the health sector, public, private and military, as well as to the security forces and the public authorities for their high sense of responsibility and their dedication in the fight. carried out against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Subsequently, the King renewed his invitation to our brothers in Algeria, to work together and without conditions for the establishment of bilateral relations based on trust, dialogue and good neighborliness.

Joined by Hespress Fr, Mohamed Bouden, head of the Atlas Center for the Analysis of Political and Institutional Indicators, described the Royal Speech as ” vibrant »Because the bearer of a renewed insistence on the consolidation and construction of achievements, the search for autonomy in more than one area, faith in the history of Morocco, the capacities of its citizens and the strength of its institutions.

It is a speech to continue to move towards more progress and development internally and the consecration of clarity externally. ” he added.

Regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, Mohamed Bouden recalls that King Mohammed V insisted ” on a firm message, which is mainly related to the valuing of the efforts of professionals at the front in the face of the virus in a way that befits their dedication, their national service and their humanitarian work“.

The King also underlined, continues our interlocutor, ” the challenges of this health situation and its effects on the economy, the livelihoods of citizens or the decisions taken mainly concerning the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund or the economic recovery plan and the creation of the Mohammed VI Fund for ‘Investment aimed at mitigating the effects of the pandemic on different sectors, protecting the most affected social segments, and transforming challenges into opportunities ”.

Thanks to the vision of King Mohammed VI, head of the Atlas Center for the analysis of political and institutional indicators, maintains that Morocco continues to improve its performance and its work in a context of rapid and constant changes. This was confirmed by the supply of anti-covid vaccines, continues our interlocutor, and the good progress of the national vaccination campaign and the penetration of Morocco in a promising market linked to the vaccine and drug industries.

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Thus, Morocco rises to the level of opportunities and challenges, welcomes Bouden, ” to avoid any shortfalls or shortfalls at this stage, and the ensuing concerns of getting the new development model back on track and what it represents as a renewed contract that still allows for improvement and development , with the participation of various actors and forces to support the transformations of the country“.

Regarding Moroccan-Algerian relations, there is a royal affirmation on the importance of dialogue and the opening of borders, estimates our analyst, noting that ” the stage that relations between the two countries are going through, must consider the future with courage and foresight“.

Setbacks can be part of both countries’ journey at some stage, said Mohamed Bouden. ” But, he says, neglecting solutions is futile, as long as the current state of relations is not the result of the past two decades.“.

There is now a goodwill gesture from Morocco asking for something similar from Algeria to rekindle the spirit of solidarity between two twins. It is a strategic option that will allow the two countries to face together the new generation of burdens and challenges and investment in the human, intangible and future potential of the two countries and merge them into a collective effort that can be reflected positively on the Maghreb“, Responsible analysis of the Atlas Center.

It is an aspiration towards the future, he continues, “and an explanation of the facts for those who ignore them or do not understand them, with the dismantling of certain allegations, prejudices and erroneous conclusions on Morocco, its positions of principle and the way it looks at its neighbors ”.

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The head of the Atlas Center for the Analysis of Political and Institutional Indicators supports that “ the royal speech was addressed to the spirit of the Algerian state and was limited to fraternity with the Algerian people. Because the brotherhood between the Moroccan and Algerian peoples represents the reinforced cement of bilateral relations“.

And to conclude: “Lhe current situation of Moroccan-Algerian relations must have nothing to do with the past or the future. We can move to a new space based on common denominators to overcome uncertainty and the minimum level of cooperation ”.

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