Nearly 70% of Moroccans are against opening borders with Algeria

In all, 67% of Moroccans are not in favor of opening borders with Algeria, a wish expressed by King Mohammed VI in the speech given on the occasion of the feast of the throne on July 31. This is what an online survey proposed by Deutsche Welle Arabic reveals.

Carried out online between August 1, 2021, the study covers a sample of 1,200 people. In total, 67% of Moroccans who answered the questionnaire say they are unfavorable to the idea of ​​opening borders with Algeria, against 33% who support this decision. On the Algerian side, 83% of citizens disapprove of King Mohammed VI’s wish, the study said.

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“No logic can explain the present situation, especially since the reasons which led to the closure of the borders are completely exceeded and no longer have reason to exist today”, noted the sovereign, in the speech delivered to the occasion of the feast of the throne on July 31, calling for “to make prevail the wisdom and the best interests” of the two countries. These borders have remained closed since the summer of 1994.

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