The appeal of the Ministry of Health to Moroccans

It is a real boost to the vaccination campaign. In order to limit the crowds in the vaccination centers, the Ministry of Health recalled on Friday the removal of the conditions linked to the address or place of residence.

Thus, a citizen fulfilling the eligibility conditions, in particular of age, can contact the vaccination center of his choice to be vaccinated and this every day until 8 p.m.

The medical executives of the various health centers and vaccination points set up to accelerate the pace of this national operation, are mobilized to ensure quality vaccination and in the best conditions, assures the ministry.

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The Ministry of Health once again invited all citizens belonging to the targeted categories to continue their membership in this large-scale national project, with a view to progressing towards collective immunity.

He also insisted on the need to continue to comply with preventive measures during and after the vaccination operation.

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