Moroccans wind up against arrival of Israeli tourists

The activists launched various hashtags, including “Zionists are not welcome in my country” and “No to Zionists”, to protest against the Moroccan government’s decision to host the first group of Israeli tourists. The Moroccan Front for the Support of Palestine and Against Normalization with Israel called on Moroccans to participate in this campaign and categorically reject the arrival of Israeli tourists in Marrakech.

“I watched videos of the reception of a group of Israeli tourists, whose regime usurped Palestinian land, took the lives of Palestinians and desecrated the sanctity of the Palestinian nation. I would like to ask those who were satisfied with this exaggerated celebration: ‘How do you feel in front of hundreds of victims [palestiniennes]including women and children, and the destruction of their farmland and buildings? ‘one activist wrote on his Twitter page.

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“Dancing with child murderers to our music and raising the flag of an apartheid regime is disgusting,” said another. Have tourists from other countries hoisted their flags? Have some integrity. It should be noted that Moroccans are alongside Palestine ”.

On Sunday, two Israeli airlines El Al and Israir launched their first flights to Morocco, seven months after diplomatic relations between the two countries were reestablished. Hundreds of Israeli tourists have arrived in Marrakech on the first direct commercial plane from Israel. This first air link between Tel Aviv and the ocher city was operated aboard a plane from the Israeli carrier Israir.

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