The return of Karima Benyaich to Madrid, suspended from the real answers on the Moroccan Sahara

The resumption of diplomatic contacts with Spain and the return of Ambassador Karima Benyaich to Madrid does not seem to be currently a priority for Rabat and in view of the situation it is not tomorrow the day before that it risks to regulate itself. . Morocco has not yet considered it, for lack of concrete explanations from the Spanish side on the “Sahara issue”, but not only.

Indeed, according to diplomatic sources, who confided in the Spanish media, Rabat wishes to open several files with Madrid and provide clarification on the problem at the origin of the current diplomatic crisis; Among these, and among others, the reception of the separatist and terrorist Ibrahim Ghali. So as long as clarifications are not provided on this, “Morocco will leave open the question of the return of its diplomatic representative in Madrid Karima Benyaich”.

In this regard, Sabri Abdenbi, professor of international relations and international law at the Mohammed V Souissi University, requested by Hespress Ar underlined that “ Moroccan-Spanish relations are governed by the determinants of the neighborhood and the nature of the two monarchies have always resolved every crisis that God has made in a considered and balanced way, the two countries being aware of the consequences of the issues that could engender a breaking up “. The member of the Legal and Strategic Studies Laboratory further believes, in his statement, that “ the Spanish government has a new generation that does not understand the geostrategic secrets that stand out in this from its predecessors “.

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Mrs. Benyaich’s return is not for tomorrow

Our interlocutor explained that after the “ The United States expressed their position, according to which Washington recognized the Moroccan Sahara, Madrid provided itself with suspicious positions which no longer took into account the policy of security cooperation in matters of terrorism and illegal immigration “. Indeed, after the recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara by the then President of the United States, Donald Trump, on December 10, 2020, Rabat was astonished at the speed with which Madrid opposed such acknowledgement. Spain has even coordinated with European countries, including Germany, to prevent the EU from following the US example.

Sabri pointed out that “ all this has led the Moroccan State to treat with the greatest objectivity all that touched on its territorial integrity ”. Just like Germany, Spain knew it at its expense with the recall of Ambassador Karima Benyaich, like our diplomatic representative in Berlin Lalla Zohour Alaoui. Another important fact ” operation “Marhaba 2021” via Spain was canceled with the consequences that we know change of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, who has not been able to keep pace with the repercussions of the crisis “.

Two expected scenarios

In his statement, the professor of international relations estimated that “ there are two scenarios; The first is that relations can return to what they were before, but on condition of Madrid’s support for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom in which case, and this is the second, the tensions between the two countries will persist until to rupture which could last for months or more “.

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This lends itself to raising questions about the dominant political positions among politicians, intellectuals, and the deep state in Spain, vis-à-vis the Moroccan Sahara. The question which has once again become a determining factor in relations between Madrid and Rabat.

This situation also affects related issues such as migration and terrorism. What push Rabat to question the partnership between the two Nations. Should Morocco confine itself to the simple role of security agent at the Spanish border against terrorism and migration or that of a real partner of Spain which was its main political and commercial partner until a party? mistaken for Ghali’s beautiful eyes?

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