Alleged infiltration of telephone devices: Morocco strongly condemns the persistence of a deceptive, massive and malicious media campaign

The Kingdom of Morocco strongly condemns the persistent false, massive and malicious media campaign, citing an alleged infiltration of the telephone devices of several national and foreign public figures through computer software, a government statement said.

The Government of the Kingdom of Morocco categorically rejects these false and unfounded allegations, and challenges their hawkers including Amnesty International and the “forbidden stories” consortium, as well as their supporters and protectors to provide any tangible and material evidence, in support of their surrealist stories, underlines the press release.

Moreover, Morocco, specifies the same source, is again the target of this kind of heinous attacks, which betray the will of certain media circles and NGOs to put it under their orders and tutelage. To their chagrin, this is not possible.

The Kingdom of Morocco, which has experienced great achievements in many areas in recent years, will continue its momentum to consolidate its economic emergence and social development, adds the same source.

On the strength of its rights and convinced of the merits of its position, the Kingdom has opted for a judicial process, in Morocco and internationally against any party taking up these fallacious allegations on its own, concludes the government press release.

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