Syria: Bashar Al Assad is sworn in for the 4th time

Yasmine SaihSaturday July 17th, 2021 – 10:50 AM

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad has been sworn in for another 7 years in power in Syria, a country struggling to rebuild after a decade of war and jihadist threat.

On Saturday, the Syrian president elected a few months ago, in an election without surprise (obtaining 95.1% of the votes in the May 26 poll), took an oath on the Koran and the country’s Constitution, at the presidential palace in Damascus.

The ceremony was attended by 600 guests, including ministers, businessmen, journalists and academics. President Al Assad, 55, breaks his longevity record with 21 years in power in addition to the next 7 years of the seven-year term that awaits him.

Bashar Al Assad President Swearing in Syria

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