Madrid worried about possible transfer of US base from Rota to Morocco

Between reassuring Spain and sparing Algeria about a future for American military bases in Morocco, David Schenker, the American Assistant Secretary of State for Middle Eastern Affairs, has a lot to do. On a visit to Algiers at the beginning of the year he had denied the information of the installation of an American base in the south of Morocco and said “unfounded” a possible transfer of the headquarters of Africom from Germany to the United States. Moroccan Sahara.

Except that at the moment, assessments of bases in Morocco are being carried out by American military experts and that Tan Tan, Inezgane and Ben Guerir have potentially been selected for a purpose of the thing that may or may not happen, who knows with the Great Silent. Recently four bases in the north of the country Guercif, Taourirt, Ksar Sghir and Jebel Laroui were built while three construction projects of new military bases are proposed to the Americans in Morocco in addition to the Agadir site.

Suddenly, the possibility of an American military base in the Moroccan Sahara panics the military in Algeria. For us, it is even an evolution that goes in the logic of things given that the United States has been in Morocco since 1951 with four military bases created, such as the Nouasseur air base, the current international airport. Mohammed V, the Kenitra base which remained the telecommunications center of the Americans until 1978 and the Ben Guerir base intended for satellite control and also since 1987 a landing site for NASA space shuttles. So much for our neighbors to the east of Eden who fear the worst.

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As for the neighbor to the north, plagued by the moods and sulks of Dame Laya and therefore, victims of faltering diplomacy, 2021 is the end of the deadline for an agreement between Spain and the United States signed in 1988 regarding the use of the military and maritime base of Rota. The negotiations which should have taken place in May have been postponed to other calendars. No wonder Uncle Sam has been eyeing the Sanchez government lately. A good bet that the Marines are planning a move to places further south in the Mediterranean and in other regions such as Ksar Sghir in Morocco and where the waves are less tumultuous than those of the ocean in Rota. In addition, the role of American military bases in the Iberian kingdom is no longer as strategic as before, Morocco guaranteeing better prospects for the Americans. All the more so, since the role of the American military bases in the Iberian kingdom is no longer as strategic as before, Morocco guaranteeing better prospects for the Americans.

These two projects in the development phase are part of the new American military policy advocated by the President of the United States, Joe Biden. With current global conditions, the redeployment of American troops around the world to better respond to problems and threats is more relevant than ever, the sites of historical conflicts mutating to other places. Also the recognition by the United States of the Moroccan character of the Sahara allows it to have access to Moroccan territory and also to have an eye on a sensitive area, the Sahel.

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