Madrid relies on the United States for mediation with Rabat

After having burned the joker of the EU, a little precipitously, moreover, Madrid tries the American mediation to bypass the conflict which currently opposes it to Rabat. Indeed, the crisis continues to persist and takes a new turn every day. Morocco, upright in its boots, takes all its time before any new decision or declaration, while the Spanish leaders show a certain feverishness and do not know any more on which foot to dance to extinguish the fire which they have started on the question of the Moroccan Sahara.

Often going through conciliatory attitudes going in the direction of a reestablishment of normal relations with Morocco, we see the latter, a few days later, harden their language and often make aggressive outings, which, instead of appeasing the situation, only make it worse.

The Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs had said over the weekend that the Spanish executive was ready to examine any solution proposed by Morocco for the settlement of the Sahara issue and even kicked in on the plan proposal. autonomy. However, the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha Laya, would have discussed with her American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara, and the UN mechanism to resolve the conflict.

In this regard, Arancha Laya said: “ that in agreement with the United States it relied on the United Nations for the resolution of the conflict and that its internationalization had to be revisited, always with the greatest respect for Morocco “.

With the good lady as she made herself known to Moroccans, and even from a double reading that one would have liked to be the most conciliatory, these declarations only go in one direction, the most total mistrust.

Moreover, why rely on the United States to resolve the crisis between Madrid and Rabat. DA what we know, Spain is 14 km from Morocco, why then cross the ocean to find a solution to a problem for which it is responsible, especially since the United States does not want to interfere in the crisis between the two kingdoms. Is Spain afraid to look its interlocutor in the face and in the eyes? On the other side, south that one, one cannot understand this attitude even with the greatest of commiseration.

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Madrid is trying to drag Washington into its diplomatic crisis with Rabat by arguing that one of the causes of the conflict is the flow of migrants, knowing that the United States is very sensitive to the issue of irregular immigration. Laya relying to do this on the visit to Portugal and Spain, during the week of Alejandro Mayorkas, chosen by Joe Biden to head the Ministry of Internal Security (DHS). It’s an Open Secret Mayorkas is a Cuban immigrant who, upon entering service, announced his intention to reverse Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policy.

As for US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, he will be touring France, Germany and Italy. Mayorkas is expected to meet in Madrid with his Spanish counterpart Fernando Grande Marlaska and other government officials, in order to “reaffirm the importance of bilateral relations and deepen work on common priorities”. The visit comes after a brief salute between Joe Biden and Pedro Sanchez in the corridors of NATO headquarters in Brussels.

Spanish sources indicated that “ Washington informed that Mayorkas will deal with his Spanish counterpart on common security threats, including violent extremism and cybercrime, as well as migration and mobility issues. “, Emphasizing that” one of the most important issues to be addressed in the meeting is the relationship with Morocco and military and customs rules “.

Regarding migration, Morocco’s position is much clearer and more precise. For Rabat the access of a few immigrants to Sebta or the clandestine entry of Brahim Ghali into Spain, constitute only the tree which hides the forest. The real problem which paralyzes the normalization of relations between Morocco and Spain is none other than the question of Western Sahara which Morocco considers to be an integral part of its territory. As such, Spain does a little more than most of the countries of the European Union which rely on Security Council resolutions. Morocco has never been against this position, which is moreover not unique to the EU but to a number of countries around the world.

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But what the Kingdom does not admit is the fact that Spain, adopts a double game and maintains equivocal relations hostile to its interests with the Polisario and Algeria and that Madrid can intervene with the United States for the cancellation of the recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara decided by the outgoing American president. In Morocco, we can only be dismayed at such actions, to say the least, unacceptable. For this, Rabat makes it known that it is not obliged to act as Europe’s gendarme for the fight against illegal immigration. Morocco has also decided to cease all security collaboration with Spain.

In addition, he chose other routes and other countries for the return during the summer of his RMEs, which will cause Spain a great loss. In addition, Morocco is even considering terminating the fishing agreement signed with the EU in the future, which benefits Spain for over 70%, knowing that thousands of Spanish workers work in this sector.

Nasser Bourita said it so well: “ The Morocco of today is no longer that of yesterday and now, any country that appears against our territorial integrity, is considered to be an enemy and we must act accordingly “.

This is particularly valid for the traditional allies of Morocco. It is indeed inconceivable that Rabat continues to have normal relations with a neighboring country which plots and maintains intelligence with its enemies.

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