Pro-Polisario demonstration in Madrid

Coming from different regions of Spain, the demonstrators gathered in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to read their demands. The latter ask “the Spanish government to play an active role, in accordance with international law in force, so that there is a referendum of self-determination”, let know Europa Press.

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This is a “historic” demand, said Mónica García, the president of Más Madrid, who took part in the march where she defended the human rights of the Saharawis. In the same vein, Carolina Alonso, spokesperson for Unidas Podemos at the Madrid Assembly, clarified that Spain “has responsibilities” in this conflict, the Sahara being a former Spanish colony. “Spain remains for the United Nations the current administering power of its former colony or of its province 53. It therefore has the responsibility to resolve this conflict”, added Xavier Serra, president of the Federation of Sahara Support Associations. .

The March for the freedom of the Saharawi people began on May 20 in Cadiz, Cantabria and Alicante and saw the participation of “thousands of people”, according to the organizers. During the demonstration, the delegation of the Polisario Front in Spain submitted a manifesto to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in which it also requests the mediation of the Spanish government so that the Saharawi political prisoners, condemned “unjustly” to terms of between 10 and 30 years or even life imprisonment, be released.

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