big losses for Spanish companies

Moroccans living abroad (MRE) and in particular in Europe, will only be able to travel to Morocco this summer from the ports of Sète in France or Genoa in Italy. So decided by the Moroccan government which excluded, for health reasons according to the official version, the Spanish ports of Operation Marhaba 2021.

“Overall, taking as a reference the 3.2 million passengers and 800,000 vehicles in 2019, we could speak of losses of between 450 million and 500 million in revenues for all shipping companies, to which must be added the ancillary activities, the cleaning, maintenance or restoration ”, explains Carlos Labandeira, the commercial director of FRS Iberia, a Spanish shipping company, a subsidiary of the German group FRS, which generally recruits 150 seasonal workers each summer to strengthen its team as part of the Operation Marhaba.

Several associations will also suffer the consequences of this cancellation. Among them, the Association of Businessmen of Services of the Bay of Algeciras which has announced a decline in activities with regard to its laundry, stevedoring or maintenance services. The Castilla y León regional federation of service station associations, which also claims to be aggrieved by this decision, invites the Spanish government to “negotiate” with its Moroccan counterpart to reconsider its position.

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