House of Councilors approves roadmap to join “OGP” initiative

House of Councilors approves roadmap to join “OGP” initiative

Rabat – The office of the House of Advisors on Monday approved a roadmap to join the “Partnership for Open Government” (OGP), a global multilateral initiative based on the promotion of transparency, the empowerment of citizens, the fight against corruption and the exploitation of new technologies to strengthen governance.

A statement from the House of Councilors indicates that the members of the bureau have approved, as part of a joint parliamentary initiative with the House of Representatives, a roadmap to join the “Partnership for an open government” initiative.

The agenda for the oral questioning session, scheduled for Tuesday, was also approved, the bureau said at the end of its meeting held remotely under the chairmanship of Hakim Benchamach, President of the Second Chamber. .

In terms of institutional partnerships, the office of the Chamber of Councilors announced that it had decided to hold a meeting on Wednesday with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council (CESE) devoted to the presentation of the results of the study carried out by the CESE. on “the middle class in Morocco” and this, at the request of the second Chamber.

The office was also informed of the intense program of the standing committees and thematic working groups during the current week, the statement concluded.

Last modification: May 03, 2021

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