investigations are increasing to evict Moroccan tenants from their social housing

In all, 25 families, including Moroccans, will be evicted from their social housing in Lier in September for violating the rental law. This is the result of investigations carried out on the files of 1,135 social tenants, which reveal that 25 families own real estate abroad. The files of 9 others are under review.

On the strength of this feat, Flanders intends to go far. The government has reiterated its willingness to invest 5 million euros per year to facilitate the work of social housing companies and reimburse the surveys they order. The Flemish region has already requested the expertise of five investigative offices. Private detectives will do their job in 41 countries to uncover possible fraud. The whole of Flanders is now concerned by the surveys.

Difficult days are thus looming for social tenants from Morocco, Slovakia, Georgia, Poland, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Turkey and other countries.

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