Syria: Bashar al-Assad and his wife positive for coronavirus

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his wife Asma Al Saad have been diagnosed positive for the coronavirus, the Syrian presidency announced on Monday (March 8).

According to the statement from the Syrian presidency, the leader and his wife have covid-19 but are “in good health” and their condition is “stable”. The Syrian presidency did not specify whether they had contracted covid-19 or one of the variants, or in what context they were affected.

“They will continue their work during their period of home isolation, which will last two or three weeks,” the document said, adding that the couple had carried out a PCR test after “having experienced mild symptoms similar to those of the Covid-19 ”.

The country at war since 2011 and plagued by ISIS terrorists began its national vaccination campaign at the end of February, starting by vaccinating doctors and the medical profession in general.

The country has so far received 5,000 doses of a Chinese vaccine to immunize 2,500 caregivers, according to the Al-Watan daily, while the Syrian embassy in Russia says the country also uses the Russian accin Sputnik V.

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