The piling up of cases in the courts makes the public prosecutor react

The congestion of the courts was already a sad reality and today it is clear that it has worsened because of the health and economic crisis that we are going through.

The pending cases are constantly accumulating in the courts of the Kingdom. In fact, the average length of legal proceedings has only increased in recent years, often exceeding the reasonable time limit of several months, sometimes even several years.

Also, and in this context, the supervisory ministry has taken steps to speed up the procedures and relieve the system from congestion. The accumulation of cases is such that a judge alone finds himself dealing with more than 80 cases regardless of the jurisdiction and the average time to obtain a court decision the court keeps getting longer as well. , pending, only before the court of appeal.

With the consequence of the referral of many cases and a number of related offenses bottling up the court are not considered a priority. In normal times, the procedures spanning a long period between the first instance and the cassation were legion. Due to the health crisis in the Kingdom, several Moroccan courts have not been able to schedule and trials are sometimes postponed for up to a year.

The defendants often remain in preventive detention. Worse, in addition to seeing the trials being done remotely, Lady Covid-19 requires, according to a daily newspaper in the place, the insufficiency of human resources and courtrooms. In order to remedy this situation and “deconfin” the courts, so to speak, the president of the public prosecution, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, plans to implement a plan to accelerate judicial activity to remedy the stacking of cases.

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For the time being, many hearings are still held far from the public, say in restricted publicity but casually “have given convincing results” according to the public prosecutor and this, while waiting for the normal activity of the court to resume its course. with the total deconfinement of which we are finally starting to perceive some premises.

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