Letter from Algerian deputies to Biden: Moroccan parliamentarians react

The presidents of parliamentary groups and groupings in both Chambers expressed their astonishment and deep regret at the content of the letter from the parliamentary groups of the two Chambers of the Algerian Parliament to the new American president, Joe Biden, in which they called on him to withdraw American recognition of the Moroccan character of the Sahara.

In a joint letter from the two chambers of the Moroccan parliament, addressed to their counterparts in Algeria, the presidents of groups and groups stress that this approach “is far from the spirit of brotherhood uniting our two countries and peoples”.

“We are deeply convinced that you express the will of the brotherly Algerian people, without going against the inalienable right of Morocco to its territorial integrity, without ignoring the bonds of fraternity and good neighborliness and far from any calculation whatsoever. or, like the Moroccan people who sincerely wish progress and development for the Algerian people ”, affirm the Moroccan parliamentarians.

“Representatives of the brotherly Algerian people were expected to invoke the long history of common struggle for independence and against the occupier, which sowed the seeds of discord” and “to show wisdom, in order to avoid the trap consisting in aligning oneself on the side of the supporters of the sterile separatist thesis, supported, unfairly, by official circles in your brother country ”, we read in the letter.

The position of Algerian parliamentarians confirms, in concrete terms, the extent of the interference of the brother state of Algeria and its representative bodies of the Algerian people in the internal affairs of a neighboring country, and in the sovereign decisions taken by States following the will of their institutions, they noted. It is an interference, according to the Moroccan deputies, which contradicts what the Algerian official position claims of an alleged neutrality in all that concerns the question of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, which is one of the constants of the nation Moroccan.

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“The content of the correspondence unfortunately intervenes against international legitimacy, ignores the various relevant resolutions of the Security Council and contradicts the international positions and the legitimacy of the United Nations which have qualified the autonomy proposed by Morocco as serious and credible, considering it as an appropriate framework to resolve this conflict, ”adds the same source.

The presidents of the Moroccan parliamentary groups called for evoking the common history and heritage uniting the two peoples, stressing that the Kingdom is still attached to the approach of non-interference in the internal affairs of Algeria, as it is. is the case with other countries.

They called on the representatives of the Algerian nation to work together, with the rest of the countries of the region, for the foundation of a strong Maghreb Union which realizes the interests of the peoples of the two countries and strengthens unity, solidarity and synergy and which, within it, will multiply the development opportunities shared between all citizens of the Maghreb.

And to underline that “this ambition will not see the light of day”, by fabricating micro-states and by stoking the tendencies of separatism and national fanaticism, which are far from our culture and our civilization.

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