US recognition continues to make people react

The recognition by the United States of the sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara was “long overdue,” said the head of political affairs of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Jason Isaacson, stressing that this recognition, “highly judicious “,” Deserves continued support “.

In an article published recently on the website of the group for the defense of the interests of the Jews of America, Isaacson considered that the recognition of the full sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara and the Abrahamic accords represent “a transformative break with the fashions. traditional thinking ”, noting that this development extends to the Kingdom of Morocco,“ America’s oldest ally, which has been thwarted for over 60 years ”in its efforts to reclaim its Sahara.

For Isaacson, it is “in America’s interest to honor Morocco’s historic claim to the Sahara while fully embracing, and promoting international acceptance of the Moroccan plan for autonomy in the Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty.”

“Thirty years after the ceasefire negotiated under the auspices of the United Nations between Morocco and the Polisario separatists, supported by Algeria, with a promise of a referendum never fulfilled and increasingly unrealizable, and with a Algeria, which perpetually resists a negotiated settlement under the aegis of the UN which would recognize Moroccan claims, the time has come to adapt to reality, ”the American expert argued.

He recalled that American support for the Moroccan character of the Sahara began since the George W. Bush administration, while remaining committed to a UN peacekeeping mission and to the negotiation mechanism to resolve this issue. regional dispute.

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“Respecting a position of fundamental importance for an ally, capable of bringing greater stability and prosperity to a region which is a continental gateway, should not be a difficult choice for America”, the author further underlined. of the article.

Isaacson said this choice is made all the easier by King Mohammed VI‘s decision to reestablish relations with Israel, noting that this decision also holds great potential in terms of economic, political and security gains that will benefit to the peoples of both countries.

And to conclude that a Morocco strengthened by the resolution of the regional dispute over the Sahara and by cooperation in multiple sectors with Israel will be “a more reliable partner than ever for the United States in the promotion of regional stability, the struggle against extremism and responding to human needs ”.

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