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The decision of the United States of America to recognize the full and entire sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara is “the culmination of the hard work of an active, proactive and ambitious diplomacy which works under the aegis of His Majesty’s High Guidance King Mohammed VI ”, underlined the Consul General of the Kingdom in Montpellier (France), Nouzha Sahel.

“It is also a natural progression, first of all in relation to the national question, because the United States, a world power, have always expressed their support for the Autonomy Plan proposed by Morocco as a realistic, pragmatic political solution. and credible, but also a natural outcome of the historical relations which bind the Kingdom of Morocco to the United States ”, affirmed the diplomat in a statement to the press.

“This recognition, it is clear, marks a historic turning point which will have a positive impact on the future actions and actions of our diplomacy undertaken in the treatment of the national question”, she added, noting that it is in the continuity that ‘will work the Moroccan diplomatic apparatus, always under the clairvoyant vision of King Mohammed VI.

“It is a sequence, with the same fervor and abnegation, of this impetus and this dynamic already engaged, inscribed in a clear and defined vision which has as a major objective the consolidation of the Moroccan character of the Sahara at the international level”, argued Nouzha Sahel.

She recalled, in this sense, “the relevant actions which have marked particularly these last two years, from the opening of the consulates of several countries in Laâyoune and Dakhla, to the delimitation of maritime borders including our southern provinces, without forgetting the diplomatic breakthrough in Africa and Latin America ”.

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Referring to the reaction of the Moroccan community in France and around the world to this American decision, she stressed that “naturally, our fellow citizens have always shown a lot of sense of patriotism and probity. They have always expressed in constant pride and solidarity their attachment to the Mother Country and to His Majesty the King ”.

“We have seen, here in France as everywhere in the world, that this Moroccan diaspora, in all its components, including the Jewish community of Moroccan origin, reacted in the most spontaneous way to express its joy and pride. to the recognition by the United States of America of the Kingdom’s full sovereignty over its Sahara. It is also with this same joy that she recently welcomed the sovereign and just decision of the Kingdom which made it possible to restore order and security in the area of ​​El Guerguarat, ”she said.

The Moroccan diaspora, continued the Consul General, also condemns in the most virulent terms the actions of the enemies of the Nation, “these traitors who are motivated by agendas hostile to the Kingdom and its territorial integrity. These fanatics whose actions expose their difficulties in accepting the rout and the successive failures of their sponsors who use them as simple pawns and who by their fallacious narrative try in vain to find a listening ear ”.

“We can only salute our community for this surge of vigilant patriotism which has always thwarted such unsuccessful and unsuccessful attempts, demonstrating its total and permanent support to defend the territorial integrity and the sacred institutions of the Kingdom”, concluded Nouzha Sahel.

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