PJD Islamists react to normalization of relations with Israel

Morocco “will always maintain a firm position of support for the Palestinian cause”, indicated El Othmani, during a conference organized by the Abdelkrim Al Khatib Foundation for Thought and Studies, on the Maghreb Union and the role of the elites. . The PJD declares its “rejection of the deal of the century and the violations committed by the Israeli occupation authorities against the Palestinian people”.

For its part, the youth of the PJD reaffirmed on Saturday its “support” for the decision to re-establish diplomatic ties with Israel but does not adhere to “any normalization” with the Hebrew state.

Regarding the question of Maghrebian unity, El Othmani considered that the absence of the conditions necessary for the revival of this union at the level of the States, should not lead to the maintenance of the situation in an immobile state. In addition, the elites, civil society actors and Think Tanks should develop networks with the five Maghreb countries and increase communication between them to overcome the difficulties existing at the official level.

Thus, the revival of the Maghreb Union depends on all and to achieve it. “We must renew our determination to keep the unity flame alive and perennial”, concluded El Othmani.

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