“Whoever feels snotty blows his nose” by the way

It is undeniable that the saying “Who feels brat blows his nose” is said when someone feels guilty to the point of confessing. This applies perfectly to TSA, the all-or-nothing media outlet on Algeria which, once again, pulled out a rag to wipe its nose. Indeed, the lame duck quickly gave the headline, following the drama which cost the lives of two of our compatriots, deliberately murdered for having been targeted by an armed group: ” Moroccans killed in Mali: gross accusations against Algeria ”and to attack a certain press well home and very aware of the thing.

This time, it is the assassination of two Moroccan nationals in Mali by a terrorist group which is taken as a pretext to attack the neighboring country. “, Continues the voice of his master, adding,” three Moroccan truck drivers were ambushed “. It is a strong intention to enlighten these scribblers of bad pretensions, by specifying to them that the attackers, four in number, moreover, were hooded and wearing bulletproof vests and who left the scene of the crime without the slightest glance. to the cargo transported and without taking the trucks, were heavily equipped with unconventional military devices or weapons and sophisticated communication and that they spoke Arabic with a Sahrawi accent francized, according to the FAR-Maroc forum, which quotes the testimony of eyewitnesses. In Mali, the dominant languages ​​are Bambara and French (official and administrative language). Arabic is hardly spoken (at the back of the pack), it is found in particular in the north of the country in some regions bordering Algeria.

Many questions about the motive of the crime

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Now the question that arises, how can we say that it is a terrorist act when the investigation is not yet completed and Malian sources report the sending of a unit of Moroccan special forces in Mali for the survey in Didieni. Morocco has not named any culprit, for the time being, so why try to exonerate itself, before that. Suffice to say that if, terrorist act is it, this attack is at the very least doubtful. Why could we kill and injure so coldly and cruelly the Moroccan truckers without apparent motive? It is clear this act of hatred will certainly have been conceived and hatched by an enemy of Morocco and in the region, there is no need to count there is only one, follow all the view of the world, they will only designate the Algerian services and their henchmen of the Polisario.

It is heartbreaking to see this energy of despair bewitch them so suddenly because attacking civilians is pathetic to say the least. Didieni is north of Bamako and who in northern Mali since France announced in June to suspend its joint military operations with Mali is best placed to take advantage of the situation, that’s all right, Algeria my love, Algeria for always, by interposed terrorist group. Indeed in this northern region of Mali, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM) or whether it is the Islamic State in the Great Sahara (EIGS) , are rampant.

Terrorism in northern Mali and the Sahel fueled by Algeria

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They all have one point in common, it is an open secret apart from that of fighting the international forces, it is to stock up on men from the Polisario and weapons in Algeria, if not how to conceive the “wanted” or the at regularly published prices for the main leaders of the terrorist groups that are rife in the region, (RVIM Al-Qaïda, and EIGS), all names with Sahrawi connotations for the most part drawn up and raised in Cuba under the good care of Tindouf and from Algiers and who in desperation and lack of adversaries within reach of their pathetic Kalash, moreover, graciously provided by the country to the east of Eden, convert each arrival into terrorist apprentices before breaking through in the extremist hierarchy.

It seems that the responsibility of the Algerian apparatus and its terrorist militias installed in Tindouf was confirmed, through this despicable act. Because for the moment, nothing indicates that this is one of these groups which could have committed such an act with regard to the modus operandi, a little more signed and to perfection than that of a military commando of a service much more established than the other savage of terrorists. The unfortunate perpetrators of this scrupulous massacre or crime, unable to do anything at the Moroccan borders and at the seat belt, began to hunt down defenseless civilians in Africa, in full respect of the ideology of terrorism that they helped to generate in the Sahel and Sahara region. This act, they will have to end up paying for it one day or another.

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