the USFPists meet this Sunday

The political bureau of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP) has called a meeting of the party’s National Council next Sunday to discuss developments related to the September 8 deadlines and their results at different levels, including the position of the party. party in the next political map.

The meeting of the National Council will also be devoted to the direction that the party should take in line with the decisions of its 10th Congress and the experience it has accumulated in defending its political and intellectual choices, indicates a communiqué from the party’s political bureau, issued at the end of a meeting held on Monday to discuss the results of the September 8 poll and the consultations initiated by the designated head of government.

After broad discussions and a review of developments related to recent elections, the political bureau expressed the willingness of the USFP to facilitate the process of consultations in order to form the government, in harmony with the messages sent by citizens through the ballot box and in a way able to guarantee the formation of a harmonious, strong and united government that can meet the expectations of Moroccan society.

The position of the Political Bureau, the statement continued, emanates from the slogan carried by the party during the last elections, which expresses, on the one hand, the ambition of this formation to change the political map so as to serve the interests of the country as much. at home and abroad, and tends, on the other hand, to the formation of a coherent government with a strong ambition, in the face of the challenges of the moment in terms of social democracy, consolidation of achievements in terms of human rights, strengthening the economic fabric and responding to the social needs of populations.

In a circumstantial speech, the statement added, the party’s first secretary, Driss Lachgar, greeted the Moroccan people who demonstrated their citizenship and raised the turnout to more than half, recalling the positive echoes of the Moroccan elections to of public opinion.

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According to the press release, Lachgar noted that “we have humbly contributed, alongside the forces, to the result obtained by the Moroccan people during the last elections”, adding that “now that the consultations have been started to form the government, we are let us consider part of the popular choice which has given our party an advanced position, alongside other parties ”.

The head of government designate Aziz Akhannouch had held a meeting with Lashgar on Monday in Rabat, as part of the consultations aimed at forming the new government.

The USFP came fourth in the September 8 elections with 35 seats, behind the RNI (102), the PAM (86) and the PI (81).


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