The Institut français announces the reopening of its cinemas

Good news for fans of the 7th art. The Institut français du Maroc has announced the reopening of its nine cinemas as of September, with an eclectic selection of recent films, renamed this year “بلان لارج Plan large”.

Several screenings will be presented by the directors and film crews. A selection of Moroccan, French and international films are on the program. Indeed, through its network of 9 cinemas, the French Institute of Morocco proposes the diffusion of cinematographic works produced or co-produced in France.

On the bill, the public will find several highly anticipated Moroccan films including The Miracle of the Unknown Saint, Zanka Contact and Mica and French and international successes such as Annette or The Man Who Sold His Skin.

In order to defend and present these works which do not always come out in the commercial circuits in Morocco, sessions are organized in the presence of
authors with whom the public can discuss and debate. Among the guests: Alaa Eddine Aljem & Anas El Baz (The Miracle of the Unknown Saint), Chloé Mazlo (Under the Sky of Alice), Arab & Tarzan Nasser (Gaza mon amour), Ismaël El Iraki (Zanka Contact) and Ismaël Ferroukhi (Mica).

In response to the recent weakening of cinemas around the world and the rise of VOD platforms, the ambition of this program is to bring audiences, especially young people, back to theaters. Mediation activities, image education, the involvement of associations, cultural structures and schools will strengthen these aspects. In this period, it is also a question of recreating links, encouraging meetings and the debate of ideas.

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