The Casablanca Stock Exchange starts up slightly

The Casablanca Stock Exchange started up slightly on Tuesday, its main index, Masi, gaining 0.09% to 12,899.19 points.

A few minutes after the opening, the MSI20, which reflects the price performance of the 20 most liquid companies, gained 0.08% to 1,054.8 points and the Madex, a compact index made up of stocks quoted on a continuous basis, rose by 0, 09% to 10,488.52 points.

The benchmark Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10”, meanwhile, rose 0.13% to 971.64 points.

At values, Stokvis North Africa improved by 3.99%, the largest increase at the start of the day, ahead of CIH (+ 2.09%) and Jet Contractors (+ 1.45%).

On the other hand, Total Maroc lost 2.75%, Fenie Brossette gave up 1.95% and Alliances gave up 1.43%.

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