The Casablanca Stock Exchange closes slightly higher

The Casablanca Stock Exchange closed its trading slightly up on Tuesday, driven in particular by the good performance of the “Forestry and papers”, “Pharmaceutical industry” and “Telecommunications” sectors.

At the end of a sawtooth session, the index of all stocks, Masi, closed with a gain of 0.11% at 12,901.52 points. The MSI20 rose 0.05% to 1,054.43 points and the Madex gained 0.07% to 10,486.45 points.

The Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) “Casablanca ESG 10” benchmark index improved by 0.14% to 971.69 points.

Internationally, the FTSE CSE Morocco 15 gained 0.05% to 12,208.81 points and the FTSE Morocco All-Liquid gained 0.11% to 10,990.68 points.

In terms of values, 10 sectors of the 24 represented on the Casablanca coast ended up, against 9 down, while the remaining five showed no change. Boosted by its unique Med Paper title, the “Forestry and Paper” index soared 4%. Likewise, “the Pharmaceutical Industry sector” advanced by 1.81%, under the effect of the good performance of “Sothema” (+ 1.93%).

Also on the rise, the “Telecommunications” sector gained 0.68%, that of “Electronic and electrical equipment” by 0.55% and that of “Insurance” by 0.37%. On the losing side, the “Engineering and industrial equipment goods” index closed down 2.16%, followed by “Finance company and other financial activities” (-1.38%), “Oil and Gas ”(-0.56%) and“ Transport services ”(-0.34%).

The overall volume of securities trading stood at 133.84 million dirhams (MDH), mainly carried out on the central equity market. Auto Hall was the most active instrument with 64.59 MDH, followed by Ciments du Maroc with 10 MDH and Attijariwafa Bank with 7.8 MDH.

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The market capitalization amounted to 664.12 billion dirhams (billion dirhams).

The largest increases were achieved by Med Paper (4%), Stokvis Nord Afrique (+ 3.99%), Disway (+ 2.04%), Saham Assurance (+ 1.94%), and Sothema (1, 93%).

The largest decreases were recorded by Delattre Levivier Maroc (-3.98%), Salafin (-3.67%), Total Maroc (-2.75%), Fennie Brossette (-2.72%) and Réalisations Mécaniques (-1.99%).

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