A terrorist cell dismantled in Errachidia this Tuesday

As part of the continued efforts to deal with the dangers of extremism and terrorist threats aimed at the security of the Kingdom and the safety of citizens, the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), reporting to the General Directorate of surveillance of the territory (DGST), dismantled this morning, Tuesday, a terrorist cell in the town of Errachidia.

The operation comes in the wake of close coordination between BCIJ and the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) concerning this terrorist cell, affiliated or subject to the so-called “Islamic State” (IS). The latter was dismantled, thanks to the consultation of the services concerned and the strengthening of the efforts of our security services to neutralize the dangers of the terrorist threat, in order to prevent extremist organizations from reaching the stage of implementation. material and their plans and projects which threaten the security of the homeland and the citizen.

The simultaneous interventions of the Special Forces of the DGST led to the arrest of the main suspect, an alleged “emir” of this terrorist cell, as well as two of its members.

A statement released by the BCIJ indicates that the searches carried out at the homes of the suspects, as well as a store belonging to one of them, led to the seizure of computer equipment, USB keys, cell phones, paramilitary clothing. , and numerous handwritten and Internet-printed manuscripts that incite and glorify terrorist operations, as well as posters of the so-called “Khorasan Province” as a new combat base.

According to research, investigations and follow-up operations carried out on members of this terrorist cell, the so-called “emir”, of his mesmerizing messages, has been active in recruiting and polarizing the ranks of traditional religious currents. He also operated his commerce (store), located along vital and strategic facilities, as a place of worship and refuge for the consolidation of extremist thought among his followers while forbidding them to pray in mosques. He exploited this commercial space to plan heinous crimes against terrorist funds. A possible victim had even been chosen as an imminent target because of his work in the public services.

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Investigative procedures also indicate that members of this terrorist cell shared extremist digital content, such as that documenting suicide operations and physical liquidations carried out by ISIS in several regions of the world, as a means of fueling the extremist ideology and motivate the simulation of these crimes on national soil.

The members of this terrorist cell were placed in police custody, subjected to investigations by the BCIJ under the supervision of the public prosecutor in charge of terrorism questions, in order to reveal the local and international links of this terrorist cell and to identify all its sabotage plans and projects, as well as to arrest all terrorist activists associated with extremism.

The dismantling of this terrorist cell confirms, once again, the dangers of the terrorist threat through the determination of certain extremist organizations to commit crimes which would seriously undermine public order and citizens.

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